Ivan Tubert-Brohman - AnnoCPAN

Author: Ivan Tubert-Brohman
Location: http://annocpan.org/

Ivan Tubert-Brohman


AMOUNT: $1,000

DURATION: 1-2 months

AnnoCPAN will be a web interface for the documentation of all the modules on CPAN, where users can add annotations on the margin of specific paragraphs throughout the POD.

There are many modules on CPAN that don't have mailing lists or other discussion venues. Scattered discussions may happen in various places, or some users may post general comments on cpanratings.perl.org. However, there is no central place where users can help each other by commenting on specific features, uses, gotchas, tips, and tricks for all Perl modules. A limitation of sites such as CPANRatings (and to a certain degree other sites that host reviews) is that the comments appear out of the context of the module's documentation, so they are necessarily general unless the comment's author decides to write a long review to establish context. AnnoCPAN intends to fill this gap by allowing users to add public annotations on the margin of the documentation of every module on CPAN.

April 1, 2005

Plans for an initial publishing of the site within a couple of weeks. Still unsure about authentication: "Last I heard, there were no plans to add more services to the "old" perl.org authentication system, but the new one (Sau::Client) was not ready yet. I wrote again today, Worse case, I could use my own authentication initially and move to the perl.org system when it becomes available."

Plans submitting talks at YAPC::NA and an article to Perl.com. Also plans to contact the administrators at cpanratings, cpanforum, and search.cpan.org to discuss interlinking the sites.

May 2, 2005

I've been "almost ready" to launch the annocpan.org site for at least a couple of weeks. The main problem is that the perl.org authentication is not ready. I've contacted Ask several times but he always says something like "real soon now". The good thing about this delay is that in the meantime I've found and fixed many bugs and added some of the less essential features that were pending; the bad thing is that I want to launch the site and I'm getting tired of waiting. I'm seriously thinking about doing it this weekend, auth.perl.org or not.

Other than that, I submitted my abstract for YAPC::NA and signed a contract with perl.com to publish an article on the building of AnnoCPAN.

May 31, 2005

My article for perl.com was accepted and will be published on June 23. I didn't get a long talk accepted for YAPC::NA but I'll try a lightning talk instead.

The annocpan site is in the same situation as the previous month (missing the authentication part). I've decided to finish my own authentication and the heck with it unless a miracle happens. However, I thought it might be a nice touch to make the official announcement coincide with the article being published in perl.com. It's only a few days before YAPC::NA as well.