Ian Hague Perl 6 Development Grants

In May 2008 The Perl Foundation received an unprecedented gift from Ian Hague, a finance executive in New York. The amount of the gift was USD$200,000 and was given to TPF to support Perl 6 development. Roughly half of the donation would be used to develop TPF's own capabilities to further search for Perl 6 support, and the balance would be used to directly and indirectly support developers working on Perl 6.

In order to responsibly administer these funds with regards to granting, TPF decided to create a special process that would stand outside of the Grants Committee structure. This was necessary for several reasons:

  • The Ian Hague donation is directed and for a specific purpose: the advancement of Perl 6. TPF cannot, under the bylaw that establishes the Grants Committee, mandate the Grants Committee to use certain funds for certain reasons. (If the Grants Committee independently approves a Perl 6 development grant than it could still be funded out of the Hague donation.)
  • The Grants Committee has a constitutional limit of USD$10,000 on any given grant, and we envision Perl 6 development grants larger than this.
  • The Grants Committee has a 3 month working cycle and we want to be able to move faster and be more responsive to Perl 6 project needs with these grants.

In order to establish a grant submission and evaluation process for Hague grants, a discussion between TPF and interested Perl Community members was held at YAPC::NA 2008 in Chicago. The grant criteria provided below come from that meeting.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation of Ian Hague Perl 6 Development grants will be done by the president of TPF in consultation with other TPF members (executive, Board and committee) and members of the Perl community, most specifically those close to Perl 6 specification and implementation efforts.

Grants will be made to projects which obviously and concretely advance the completion of a Perl 6 implementation. Other Perl 6 projects, while potentially very worthwhile, are not the focus of Hague grants. (E.g. "I want to re-implement X in Perl 6" or "packaging of Perl 6 for the X operating system" or "a CPAN-a-like code module distribution scheme for Perl 6 classes" are not eligible.)

The main goal is the release of a Perl 6 implementation, so critical path elements have preference. In order to demonstrate the criticality of your grant, supporting documentation of a complete project milestone list for your implementation will be very useful. Obviously, grants that support well-documented and well planned implementations have preference.

TPF cares very much about the success of each Hague grant. This means that, in addition to the question "is this grant proposal worthwhile?", the evaluation of the grant will will include a component of "is this grant submitter able to pull it off?" Evaluation along these lines will mean TPF will have to make a judgement whether the scope and difficulty of the grant seems to match the submitter's skills and capabilities, and the allocated calendar duration and budgeted effort. Also, the reputation for studiousness and responsibility of the submitter will be taken into account.

Approval Process

Once an application has been received, and confirmed as matching the requirements, it will be published on The Perl Foundation blog for a period of community feedback. If it is required, by the nature of the grant, feedback may also be requested from key community members. During this period of feedback applicants may be asked to provide additional material or to amend their application before it is put forward for evaluation. This should take around two weeks but may take longer depending on the amount of feedback that is required or whether the feedback raises any questions about the grant that need to be addressed before the final evaluation.

Final evaluation of any grants will be performed by the president of The Perl Foundation in consultation with other TPF members (executive, Board and committee) and then a vote will be taken by the TPF Board. We aim to hold the vote within two weeks of the period of community feedback ending.

Ian Hague Perl 6 Development Grant Application Form

Please submit this form when completed to Makoto Nozaki, Secretary of TPF, makoto-at-perlfoundation.org


Email & Phone
Where can we contact you?

Project Title

A short description.

Benefits to Perl 6 Development
How will this advance the release of Perl 6?

Quantifiable results, including referencing a milestone document or a critical path

Project Details
A more detailed description.

Project Schedule
How long will the project take (calendar duration, not effort in hours)?
When can you begin work?

Report Schedule
How do you plan to provide updates on your work?
How frequently will these updates be made?

Note that payments on the grant will be contingent on the successful acceptance of milestones and the submission of reports.

Public Repository
Where will the code be stored upon completion?
Where will the change logs be held?

Grant Deliverables ownership/copyright and License Information
Which OSI license do you plan to release your code (or other deliverables) under? TPF has a preference for Artistic 2.0 but we are willing to discuss other options, including dual-licensing options.

Who and/or which organization will have ownership (copyright) of the grant deliverables? TPF has a preference for itself to be the owner of the deliverables but we are willing to discuss other options, specifically in the situation where the deliverables extend an existing well-established project.

Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?

Country of Residence

Residents and nationals of countries who we are prohibited by U.S. law from engaging in commerce, are ineligible to participate.

Amount Requested


The nominal maximum monthly payment is USD$5000 for full-time work on the grant. This amount is not changed based on changes to the schedule of the grant once the grant is in process. Payments for varying levels of part-time work will be pro-rated against this nominal amount.

Okay to publish proposal? :

Yes or No

This question is whether you are comfortable with us posting your grant request information on http://news.perlfoundation.org/ for public evaluation and comments during its review. All accepted grants will be published on http://news.perlfoundation.org/ and http://www.perlfoundation.org/

Personal contact information will be omitted from postings.

Suggestions for Grant Manager

All TPF grants have a Grant Manager assigned to them. This person is a volunteer who can, on TPF's behalf, maintain communication with the grant recipient throughout the duration of the grant to track progress and accept (or deny) grant milestones and deliverables. The grant manager should be someone who is intelligent, earnest, conscientious, knowledgeable/expert in the technical material of the grant and someone with a good and trusted reputation in the Perl community.