Herbert Breunung - Perl 6 Tablets

Title: Perl 6 Tablets

Name: Herbert Breunung

Grant Manager: Tom Hukins

Duration: 7 monthes

Approved: August 2010

A thematically sorted Perl 6 compendium/lexicon, readable like a in depth tutorial, but optimized for finding missing bits of information. Appendices give several angles to search content.

Benefits to Perl 6 Development
Easy accessible perl6docs help people who write software and tests in perl 6, for newcomer its easier to spark interest and entry the dev team and it improves the overall appearance "project perl 6". The doc tool u4x already uses a filtered version of Appendix A from the Tablets, because its the most complete of its kind.

The tablets started as pages in the TPF wiki some time ago and will developed there. The layout contains 9 tablets and 5 appendices (these are almost written). I think, completion of each tablet will set a milestone.

Project Details
Because it's hypertext, it has a range of advantages over books and other tutorials. you can read it following you interest withou searching in an index. thatswhy it can also work better as an lexicon. tutorials also stop mostly at certain depth, because you can't get all perl 6 in your head at one afternoon. the Tablets are for nap by nap consumtion and want to go down in depth as far specifications allow. Yes i have some problems with the english grammar, due im not a native speaker, but it got better I think and my continous work as an editor, made me also more professional in that field as well.

Project Schedule
Because I need a lot of time to fiddle out details and have always do do a lot more in $life, it is realistic to count for one tablet 3 weeks up to 1 month. because I not count tablet 0, 1 and 2, that means max time of 7 month. I already started, will do it anyway, just a desperately needed rework of the TPF cought my attention away in last weeks.

Report Schedule:
I have a blog thats gets forwarded on planet perl 6.

Public Repository:
English version is in the TPF wiki, german in perl-community.de wiki. License is http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ TPF can be owner of material as long i can reuse parts for own articles.

Herbert Breunung aka lichtkind, active member of german perl community since 6 years. Because I read myself into Perl 6 since over 3 years, wrote an 8 part tutorials and 7 articles more about it, I know something and don't have to start from scratch.

Country of Residence: middle germany, sachsen anhalt

Nationality: german

Amount Requested:

Hard to say because i don't see it as an per hour payment, just something that helps me get more time for it. 120$ for each of the 7 main Tablets you want to support.