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The sidebar contains information that relates to the page you are viewing. It features a link to page revision history, a watchlist star that lets you put the page into your watchlist or remove it, and three colored boxes displaying Tags, Incoming Links, and Attachments.

Toggling the sidebar. Clicking the V shape in the right-hand corner of the page will make the sidebar vanish. Click the > to bring back the sidebar.

The sidebar boxes are presented in the following order:

Tags. This is a list of all the Tags that have been applied to the page.

Incoming links. This is a list of all the pages that have a link to the page you are currently viewing.

Attachments. A list of this page's attached files.

There are two optional sidebar boxes:

What's New. A list of this workspace's most recent changes. Use "What's New" in the Settings page to control display of this box.

Recently Viewed. A list of your twenty most recently viewed pages. Use "Screen Layout" in the Settings page to control display of this box.

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Socialtext Documentation


When you work in Socialtext, you work on pages. A Socialtext workspace is simply a collection of these pages, connected together through links. This makes reading a workspace very similar to reading the Web.

Socialtext workspaces are collections of pages.


Socialtext workspace, however, are very different from the Web in an important way. You can edit the full text of any page. In fact, that is the essence of how you work in Socialtext: by creating and editing pages.

Every page in a workspace is editable. Just click, type, and save!

Unlike the web, every page has its own unique name in a Socialtext workspace. This makes linking between pages easy. Just write the name of the page. Finding pages is also easier. They are called just what you name them.

Every page has a name. Linking to a page is as simple as writing its name.


Socialtext remembers every thing you write here. Anything done here can be undone. With Socialtext, you can enjoy the freedom to play with ideas comforted that you will never lose that award winning idea.

Socialtext keeps every revision of each page. Never worry again about losing a good idea.


Upload Files

Click "Browse" to find the file you want to upload. When you click "Upload file" your file will be uploaded and added to the list of attachments for this page.

Maximum file size: 50MB

File Name Author Date Uploaded Size

Save Page As

Enter a meaningful and distinctive title for your page.

Page Title:

Tip: You'll be able to find this page later by using the title you choose.

Page Already Exists

There is already a page named XXX. Would you like to:

Save with a different name:

Save the page with the name "XXX"

Append your text to the bottom of the existing page named: "XXX"

Upload Files

Click "Browse" to find the file you want to upload. When you click "Add file" this file will be added to the list of attachments for this page, and uploaded when you save the page.

Add Tags

Enter a tag and click "Add tag". The tag will be saved when you save the page.