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HTML Snippet

The snippet only contains 2 rows.

  <div id="st-list-title">
    Changes in Last Week (30)
    <a href="/feed/workspace/css-guide-2?watchlist=default"><img border="0" src="/static/"/></a>
  <div id="st-listtools">
    <ul class="level1">
      <li class="submenu"><span id="st-listtools-export">Export</span>
        <ul class="level2">
          <li class="first"><a title="Create PDF document from selected pages" id="st-listview-submit-pdfexport" href="#">Export checked to PDF</a></li>
          <li class="separator"><a title="Create Word document from selected pages" id="st-listview-submit-rtfexport" href="#">Export checked to Word</a></li>
  <div id="st-actions-bar-spacer-clear">&nbsp;</div>

<table id="st-recent_changes-content" class="query-results-content">
  <tr id="st-recent_changes-header-row" class="query-results-header-row">
    <th id="st-recent_changes-header-title" class="query-results-header-title">
      <a href="?action=recent_changes;changes=;sortby=Subject;direction=0">Title</a>
    <th id="st-recent_changes-header-last-edited-by" class="query-results-header-last-edited-by">
      <a href="?action=recent_changes;changes=;sortby=From;direction=0">Last Edited By</a>
    <th id="st-recent_changes-header-date" class="query-results-header-date">
      <a href="?action=recent_changes;changes=;sortby=Date;direction=0">Date</a>
    <th id="st-recent_changes-header-revisions" class="query-results-header-revisions">
      <a href="?action=recent_changes;changes=;sortby=revision_count;direction=1">Revisions</a>
  <tr class="st-recent_changes-row query-results-row w-st-even-row">
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-title query-results-row-title">
        <a class="st-recent_changes-row-title-link query-results-row-title-link" href="index.cgi?styling_the_list_view" title="">Styling The List View</a>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-last-edited-by query-results-row-last-edited-by">Shawn Devlin</td>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-date query-results-row-date">Oct 25 12:15pm</td>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-revisions query-results-row-revisions">
      <a href="index.cgi?action=revision_list;page_name=styling_the_list_view">2</a>
  <tr class="st-recent_changes-row query-results-row w-st-odd-row">
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-title query-results-row-title">
      <a class="st-recent_changes-row-title-link query-results-row-title-link" href="index.cgi?page_boxes_toggle" title="">page boxes toggle</a>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-last-edited-by query-results-row-last-edited-by">Shawn Devlin</td>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-date query-results-row-date">Oct 25 11:48am</td>
    <td class="st-recent_changes-row-revisions query-results-row-revisions">
      <a href="index.cgi?action=revision_list;page_name=page_boxes_toggle">5</a>

CSS Selectors

Each tag has an id and a class. This should enable you to style all list views the same (using the classes) or differently (using the ids). Selectors are grouped by tag. You can control alternating row colors using the "tr.w-st-even-row" and "tr.w-st-odd-row" classes.

#st-listtools ul.level1
#st-listtools ul.level1 li.submenu
#st-listtools ul.level2
#st-listtools ul.level2 li.first
#st-listtools ul.level2 li.separator



#st-recent_changes-header-title a
th.query-results-header-title a


#st-recent_changes-header-last-edited-by a
th.query-results-header-last-edited-by a


#st-recent_changes-header-date a
th.query-results-header-date a


#st-recent_changes-header-revisions a
th.query-results-header-revisions a







td.st-recent_changes-row-revisions a
td.query-results-row-revisions a
What's new

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Getting there

What's new gives you a snapshot of recent activity in the workspace. What's new can be accessed from the dashboard by clicking the What's new link or icon:


It can also be accessed through the navigation menu at the top of any page, as shown here:


When the Email Notification setting is turned on, workspace members periodically receive automatic notifications of what's new via email. See Email notification of recent changes.



What's new lists every change to all pages in the workspace. Each change lists

  • the name of the page changed
  • the person who changed it
  • the date and time they changed it
  • and the current revision.

By default, What's new lists entries in reverse chronological order. The most recent changes appear at the top, and the least recent at the bottom. However, you can re-sort the listing by any of the columns by clicking on the column's header.


Only the changes made in the last week are normally shown. You can see all pages in the workpace by clicking on the All Pages tab at the top.


Changes in another workspace

You can keep up with What's new in a different workspace by viewing a list of those changes in a page. All you have to do is write

just a list: {recent-changes <workspace>}
full contents: {recent-changes-full <workspace>}

where <workspace> is the name of the workspace to watch. If you omit <workspace>, the current workspace's changes will be displayed. For example, to see the changes in the Customer Exchange, write

just a list: {recent-changes exchange}
full contents: {recent-changes-full exchange}

Back to Socialtext Documentation.

What if I make a mistake?

Up: Workspace Tour - Table of Contents
Back: Can I change something?

Don't worry, you can't do any permanent damage.

Click on REVISIONS to see previous versions of a page. You can always go back to an earlier version. And you can see who changed each version of the page, and when.


Go ahead and try it here. Edit this page, save it, then click on REVISIONS

So, What's the funny punctuation?

What else is here?

Up: Workspace Tour - Table of Contents
Back: Start here

Again, you're looking at a page in a Socialtext Workspace. It provides a way to organize information and collaborate on the web.

What else can be in a workspace? Perhaps another way people keep track of things, say a to-do list.

Keith's To-do List

Pages can contain links, as in the case of the words "Marketing Proposal" above.

A workspace can also hold documents that people are working on...


Back to Socialtext Documentation.

A weblog is a format for displaying a set of pages, with the most recently changed content first. A weblog is useful for individuals and teams who want to keep regular journals of projects, research, and other ongoing activity.

Create a weblog. Select Settings, then "Create New Weblog". The name of a weblog must end with the word "blog" or "weblog", such as "Sample Weblog".

View a weblog. Click on "Weblogs" next to Quick jump. The weblog you last viewed will be shown. To view a different weblog, select one from the "Go to:" box on the right.

Add a weblog entry. While viewing the weblog, click the "New Post" button. This will add an entirely new entry at the top of the weblog.

You can also make an already existing page become part of a weblog. Just visit that page and add as a tag the name of the weblog where you want it to appear.

Edit a weblog entry. You can edit the text of any entry in the weblog by clicking the "edit this post" link at the bottom of each entry.

Comment on an entry. Click the "comment" link at the bottom of any entry.

Attach a file to an entry. Click on the "attachments" link at the bottom of any entry. See Attached files for more on the mechanics of attaching a file.

Weblog navigation. The Weblog sidebar contins Weblog Navigation, which is a notice board that lives in the top right-hand corner of your weblog. You can use this to describe the purpose of your weblog, provide links to other relevant weblogs, or display a message of the month. To edit it, click on the edit link.

Linking to a weblog.
From this workspace use {weblog: weblogname}
From another workspace use {weblog: workspacename; weblogname}

You can also do this in Simple mode with WikiWidgets, by selecting "Weblog link " and turning on "More options".

Linking to a weblog entry. As with other pages, you can use the title of an entry for linking to it. If you want to link from another website, in an email, etc, you can use the "permalink" that is at the bottom of the post. Click (or right-click) on permalink and then copy the address.

Printing a weblog. The small printer icon at the top of the weblog page allows you to print the weblog you are viewing.

Include a weblog inside a page. You can quickly build summaries of projects within your workspace by including each weblog directly into a single page. In Advanced Mode, you can use the following commands:

{weblog-list: Socialtext Weblog} list ten most recent changes in Socialtext Weblog Weblog
{weblog-list: <wikiwed> Socialtext Weblog} list ten most recent changes in Socialtext Weblog Weblog in WikiWed workspace
{weblog-list-full: Socialtext Weblog} include ten most recent changes in Socialtext Weblog Weblog
{weblog-list-full: <wikiwed> Socialtext Weblog} include ten most recent changes in Socialtext Weblog Weblog in WikiWed workspace

Back to Socialtext Documentation.

Weblog Navigation

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HTML Snippet

<div id="st-weblog-navigation">
  <div id="st-weblog-navigation-title">Weblog Navigation</div>
  <div id="st-weblog-navigation-content">
    <div class="sidebar-box-content-edit-link">
      <a href="index.cgi?action=display;page_name=Navigation%20for%3A%20Recent%20Changes;js=show_edit_div;caller_action=weblog_display">edit</a>
    <div class="wiki">

CSS Selectors

Weblog Header

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Next: Weblog Content


HTML Snippet

<table style="position: relative; border-collapse: collapse; padding: 0; background-color: #80a9f3;" width="100%">
  <tr valign="top">
      <div id="st-weblog-title">
	<span id="st-weblog-titletext">
            Weblog: Recent Changes&nbsp;
            <a href="/noauth/feed/workspace/help?category=Recent Changes">
               <img border="0" src="/static/"/>
	<div id="st-weblog-wikititle">in Socialtext Documentation</div>
    <td align="right">
      <div id="st-weblog-newpost">
        <table class="button-table">
              <div class="button-straight">
                <div class="button-straight-right-top">
                  <div class="button-straight-left-bottom">
                    <div class="button-straight-right-bottom">
                      <div class="button-content">
                        <a id="st-weblog-newpost-button" 
                           title="Click this button to create a new blog post">New&nbsp;Post</a>
        <div id="st-weblog-postbyemail">
          or post by email:
          <a id="st-weblog-postbyemail-link" class="workspace-bar-link" 

CSS Selectors

See Standard Button for a description of the button selectors.

Weblog Content

Home: Socialtext Style Customization Guide
Up: Styling The Weblog
Previous: Weblog Header
Next: Weblog Navigation


HTML Snippet

<div class="st-weblog-entry">
<div class="st-weblog-entrytitle">
<a name="add_comment"></a>
<span class="text">Add Comment</span>
<div class="st-weblog-entrycontent">
<div class="wiki">
Home: <a href="index.cgi?socialtext_style_customization_guide" >Socialtext 
Style Customization Guide</a><br />
Top: <a href="index.cgi?styling_your_workspace" >Styling Your Workspace</a><br />
Previous: <a href="index.cgi?page_navigation_controls" >Page Navigation Controls</a><br />
Next: <a href="index.cgi?more_actions_menu" >More Actions Menu</a></p>
<hr />
<span class="nlw_phrase">
<img alt="base/images/docs/add-comments.gif" src="base/images/docs/add-comments.gif" border="0" />
<!-- wiki: http:base/images/docs/add-comments.gif --></span></blockquote></blockquote>
<br /><p>
Clicking on the 'Add Comment' link in the page control bar brings up a popup page. Please see 
<a href="index.cgi?popup_pages" >Popup Pages</a> for some general popup selectors.</p>
<div class="st-weblog-byline">
  <div>Updated by System User on Oct 16 2:10pm</div>
  <div>Posted by System User on Jun 30 12:45pm</div>
<div class="st-weblog-post-links">
<a onclick="
            page_name: 'Add Comment',
            action: 'weblog_display',
            height: '200'
    " class="page-control-comment-link" href="#">comment</a>
<a href="index.cgi?action=display;page_name=add_comment;caller_action=weblog_display;category=Recent%20Changes;js=show_edit_div#edit">
edit this post</a>
<a href="index.cgi?add_comment">permalink</a>
<a href="index.cgi?action=display;page_name=add_comment;caller_action=weblog_display;js=toggle_attachments_div">attachments </a>

<div class="st-weblog-post-links">
<a onclick="
            page_name: 'Advanced formatting',
            action: 'weblog_display',
            height: '200'
    " class="page-control-comment-link" href="#">comment</a>
<a href="index.cgi?action=display;page_name=advanced_formatting;caller_action=weblog_display;category=Recent%20Changes;js=show_edit_div#edit">
edit this post</a>
<a href="index.cgi?advanced_formatting">permalink</a>
<a href="index.cgi?action=display;page_name=advanced_formatting;caller_action=weblog_display;js=toggle_attachments_div">attachments </a>

CSS Selectors

Since a weblog is essentially a series of wiki pages that are arranged by date, the entries themselves share many selectors with wiki content.

Weblog Archives

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Up: Styling The Weblog
Previous: Weblog Navigation
Next: Styling The Settings


HTML Snippet

<div id="st-weblog-archives">
  <div id="st-weblog-archives-title">Weblog Archives</div>
    <ul id="st-weblog-archives-list">
      <li><a href="index.cgi?action=weblog_display;category=Recent%20Changes;start=0;limit=127">October 2006</a></li>
      <li><a href="index.cgi?action=weblog_display;category=Recent%20Changes;start=127;limit=1">September 2006</a></li>
      <li><a href="index.cgi?action=weblog_display;category=Recent%20Changes;start=128;limit=19">June 2006</a></li>

CSS Selectors

#st-weblog-archives-list li
#st-weblog-archives-list li a
Weblog Actions

Home: Socialtext Style Customization Guide
Up: Styling The Weblog
Previous: Styling The Weblog
Next: Weblog Header

Weblog Actions


HTML Snippet

<div id="st-weblog-actionbar">
  <div id="st-weblog-actionbar-chooseweblog">
    <form action="index.cgi">
     <span class="st-weblog-chooseprompt">Go to: </span>
     <input type="hidden" name="action" value="weblog_display" />
     <select name="category" onchange="this.form.submit()" id="page-control-category-selector">
       <option selected="true" value="Recent Changes">Recent Changes</option>
       <option value="Socialtext Weblog">Socialtext Weblog</option>
     <span class="st-spacer"/>

CSS Selectors

Weblog Navigation
Weblog Archives
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