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Workspace Tour - Table of Contents
What's the funny punctuation?

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In the background, Socialtext formats pages with a few extra symbols, like brackets and asterisks, in the text. For the most part, when editing you can ignore this. However, you may come across these symbols, for example, while browsing through the page revision history. Additionally, you can use the symbols while editing in Advanced mode.

To learn how to use the symbols, when you're editing a page in Advanced mode, click the "Edit tips" link at the top.


How do I make links?

What if I make a mistake?

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Don't worry, you can't do any permanent damage.

Click on REVISIONS to see previous versions of a page. You can always go back to an earlier version. And you can see who changed each version of the page, and when.


Go ahead and try it here. Edit this page, save it, then click on REVISIONS

So, What's the funny punctuation?

What else is here?

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Again, you're looking at a page in a Socialtext Workspace. It provides a way to organize information and collaborate on the web.

What else can be in a workspace? Perhaps another way people keep track of things, say a to-do list.

Keith's To-do List

Pages can contain links, as in the case of the words "Marketing Proposal" above.

A workspace can also hold documents that people are working on...

Start here

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Hi! This quick tour will help you get acquainted with your Socialtext Workspace. It's easy to do. After you've read each page, just click on the blue underlined link at the bottom to go to the next page -- sort of like turning the page in a book.

A Socialtext Workspace is a way to work together on the web that's fast and fun.

It's a flexible way for you and your team to organize information.

Right now, the information you're looking at is a few paragraphs of text, like you could read in a newspaper or a book.

What else is here?

Quick Start

Here's the 2-minute basic intro:

  1. Edit this Page. Then type as you like.
  2. You can't do any permanent damage. See "Revisions" to see revision history for a page and undo changes if needed
  3. See "Recent Changes" to see what people have been adding lately
  4. Create a new page by putting a page name in [square brackets] (creates a new page in this wiki site), like this: page name
  5. Create a hyperlink (an external link) by placing an existing URL in <angle brackets>, like this: http://www.example.com/
Project Plans

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Share information about projects and tasks with your team.

Widget project summary

Recent Updates

11-14-05: Added the Top 5 Requirements
11-14-05: Added a draft of an Evaluation document

Widget Development Tasks

10-22-2005 100% Integrated Top 5 Requirements
10-29-2005 095% Requirements for Widget
10-31-2005 080% Evaluation Document

... you can use pages in a Workspace to build collections of pages...


This is the people directory, a list of people working in this workspace. It is built by you, as a place to introduce yourself. Please add yourself below and then create your own homepage.

Find out more: Introduce yourself.

Meet your fellow socialtext users. You're not alone! Meet other Socialtext customers and support representatives on the Socialtext Customer Exchange. If you have a question, this is the place to go.

Meeting agendas

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  • Log the outline of an upcoming meeting or phone conference, and give the address out to participants.
  • Make links out to separate pages detailing issues as needed.
  • Update the agenda before the meeting, or on the fly during the meeting as new discussion points come up.

Project Widget Planning Meeting

January 13, 2004
Call-in number: 512-555-1212

...a Workspace can also help you with project plans...

Lists of pages

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Here are links to some of the pages in this workspace.

Things you might find in a workspace

Meeting Agendas
Project Plans

Now that I know about some of the things I can use a Workspace for, how do I find my way around?

Weblog Navigation
Weblog Archives
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