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S2 Transition Guide: Revision 1

Welcome to Socialtext 2.0

The Socialtext team is proud to welcome you to Socialtext 2.0!

Socialtext 2.0 has a new streamlined interface designed to help you get more done, faster.


S2 also features a new "personal dashboard," which pulls together different information sources to give you a better overview of your workspace.


Here are the sections of the dashboard, and what they do:

1. "Announcements and Links" - Editable team navigation and announcements. The content here has been moved from your old "Workspace Navigation" page.

2. "Your Notepad" - Notes for you, editable and viewable by yourself and other. The content here has been moved from your old "My Favorites" page.

3. "What's new" - Shows the mostly recently changed pages in this workspace. Click the header for a larger list.

4. "Your watchlist" - Shows pages you've added to your watchlist. Click the header for a larger list.

5. "Your workspaces" - A handy way to jump to your most active workspaces. Click the header for a complete list.

Where's my home page? (private workspaces)

If your workspace is private (everyone needs to log in to view), then by default clicking on "Home" takes users to their Dashboard.


The page that used to be your home page is now referred to as the "central page" of the workspace. The "central page" in a workspace is the page with the same title as the workspace. On the dashboard, there is a link to the central page in the top left.


If want to set the home page back the way it was, you can. Any workspace administrator can change the default for the "Home" link to take users to the central page in the workspace, instead of their personal dashboard. Go to Settings/This Workspace/Workspace Home Link and choose "Central Page".

Even if the home link is set to go to the front page, everyone will still have access to their personal dashboard. They'll just click on the "Dashboard" link to get there.


Where's my home page? (public workspaces)

If your workspace is public (people don't need to log in to look at pages, though they might need to log in to edit), then the "Home" link is as it was before -- users go to the central page of the workspace, the page with the same name as the workspace.

Users who log in will have the new personal dashboard, and will get to the central page by clicking the link to it on the dashboard. They will also see the "Announcements and Links" page on their dashboard. Users who don't log in won't automatically see "Announcements and Links," so announcements for everybody should go on the central page.

Our design goals for Socialtext 2.0

Socialtext 1 had accumulated many useful features to help you get around the workspace, but the interface was getting crowded, especially around the top menu and sidebar of each workspace page. The pages looked busy and cluttered, and the multitude of choices was confusing to many people. Useful features were hidden so that few people found them.

For Socialtext 2.0, we pulled the user interface apart into separate sections that serve different purposes. The dashboard helps you orient, and has many of the navigation features. For reading and editing, pages are simpler and more streamlined, and provide easy access to page-related information like tags, attached files and incoming links. Lists of things like recently changed pages, all tags, and all files, are grouped in a common list view interface, to make it easier to browse the contents of the workspace quickly.

S2 Feedback

We think Socialtext 2.0 is much better than Socialtext 1, but it's still not perfect. Some things were taken away, and maybe they need to come back. There are more opportunities to refine the design and make the workspaces even easier to use, faster to learn, and more productive.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about our new Socialtext 2.0 features, please let us know, by posting to the Socialtext Customer Exchange.

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