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Release Notes for Socialtext 2.2: Revision 1

Socialtext 2.2 contains new features, improvements, and bugfixes for Socialtext 2.0. The Release Notes for Socialtext 2.0 describe the recent major upgrade to the Socialtext wiki.

Better support for searching attachments

We have improved the ability to index and search a number of popular file formats. You will now get better results from searching the following kinds of attached files.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe PDF
  • Adobe Postscript
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • Generic XML documents
  • Compressed Zip archives
    • The contents of the zip archive are extracted and converted to text
  • MPEG-3 Audio Files
    • ID3 tags which contain file metadata are extracted

All other documents use a general-purpose string extraction program.

Better tag management

  • Tags that are not used on any page are automatically discarded. In order to delete an unwanted tag, go to the list of tags, view all pages with that tag, and remove the tag from any pages that contain it.
  • Tags can now be added while editing a page.
  • Page lists generated by clicking on a tag are sortable.
  • Tags appear in revision comparison view, so you can see which tags were added by which user at what time.

Improved support for rich email

  • Rich (HTML) email to the workspace is converted to wikitext with inline images.

Other Improvements

  • We have added back the option to see "What's New" and "Recently Viewed" pages in a sidebar box. Use the "What's New" and "Screen Layout" preferences in Settings to enable these options.
  • The workspaces list on the Dashboard contains your ten most recently visited workspaces. To see all your workspaces, click Your Workspaces on the Dashboard.
  • Weblog archives display faster for large number of archive entries.
  • Font sizes are reduced in wikiwyg Simple mode, headings (H1-H6) and tables.
  • The informative message about content that cannot be edited in Simple mode has returned.
  • Overall improvements to utf-8 character handling

Bug Fixes

  • In the "Save As ..." dialog for downloading attachments, the best filename is filled into the dialog box, such as yourImage.gif or yourDoc.doc.
  • In the admin interface, the Home link preference displays the default value (dashboard or central page) when first visited.
  • Cancel editing of weblog navigation returns to weblog view, just like saving weblog navigation.
  • Dynamic content (lists) displays correctly in Announcements and Links on the Dashboard.
  • Links in Announcements and Links on the Dashboard are secure links if the workspace is accessed via HTTPS.
  • Watchlist tab highlights correctly in list view.
  • Tags that contain raw HTML display reasonably (tags never should contain raw HTML; this is for backwards compatibility.)
  • Deleting a tag creates a new revision with a new revision number
  • Clicking Edit when logged out returns to the login page instead of generating an error.
  • Problems with saving new pages are fixed.
  • Minor wikiwyg bugs have been corrected.
  • Problems with search indexes after sysadmins purge pages are fixed

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