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Release Notes for Socialtext 1.8.3: Revision 1

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

Socialtext 1.8.3 continues the bugs fixed in the WYSIWYG editor effort of the previous release. There are still some known bugs and incomplete features. If you come across additional problems, please let us know at:

Release Notes for Socialtext 1.8.2 documents the previous WYSIWYG bug fixes.


  • An RSS feed for every page is available by clicking the RSS button next to the title of any page. To subscribe to the feed, add the the URL of the RSS page that appears in your browser to your RSS reader. If you are subscribing to pages in a password-protected wiki, you need to use a reader that supports password-protected feeds. See RSS Tutorial for more about RSS.

Bugs fixed in the WYSIWYG editor

  • In bulleted lists with some empty bullets, the empty bullets turn into asterisks.
  • Pasting a wiki link in the web link style (http://) generates a bad link.
  • Putting .pre tags within a table cell can prevent saving or loading of the page.
  • Numbered lists longer than nine lines display incorrectly.
  • There have been general fixes to problems with whitespace insertion, including:
    • Lists become literal text due to insertion of whitespace at the beginning of each line.
    • Spaces get removed after a wiki link in long paragraphs, breaking the link.
    • Formatting and spacing get removed in long paragraphs.
    • Pasting Excel spreadsheets (tables) inserts whitespace, breaking the table.

Known Bugs

  • Blank lines and whitespace in text are sometimes changed by Simple mode editing. It is often possible to fix whitespace problems using Advanced mode; the fixes will stick in subsequent Simple mode editing.
  • Blank lines between bullet lists, indentation level changes, or paragraphs are sometimes removed.
  • An extra blank line is introduced above lists, after special links (such as category links), and between list items when the formatting is removed.
  • Links cannot be made bold or italic.
  • Pasting a wiki link copied from a search result generates a bad link.
  • In an indented section, selecting some of the lines and changing the level of indentation doesn't work (Internet Explorer in Simple mode only).
  • Bold or italic formatting applied to multiple lines appears to work but isn't saved.
  • Formatting within a table cell containing a single line may fail. (Inserting trailing whitespace sometimes helps).
  • Scrolling a wiki page containing an HTML form may cause the form to show through the top menu bar (Internet Explorer only).
  • Clicking a formatting button when there is no selection doesn't automatically select the whole word (Firefox only).

Incomplete Features

  • The Simple editor uses the table editors that are built into the web browsers, which have some limitations. Table rows and columns are narrow until entries are made. In Internet Explorer, you can't add or delete table rows and columns in Simple Mode. You can still go to Advanced mode to add and delete rows and columns.
  • Advanced mode must be used to edit or delete links to images, links to attachments, and special links (such as category links).
  • Attached images do not display in Preview or Simple mode. External images do display.
  • In Internet Explorer, you can't edit pages with "mixed content" (HTTP images on an HTTPS page) if you choose not to display mixed content. To avoid this problem and avoid the warning popup window, follow the IE Mixed Content Instructions.

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