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Export Multiple Pages to PDF or Word: Revision 2

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Any page list, such as What's New, Watchlist, All Pages, or a page list generated by search, has checkboxes next to each list item. Select the pages you wish to export by ticking their checkboxes, and select the export type, PDF or Word, from the Export menu. Depending on your browser type and configuration, the document will open in the browser or a dialog will appear to open or save the document to your workstation.


  • The topmost checkbox is a Select All/Clear All checkbox to aid in rapid selection of pages.
  • The pages will be exported in the order they appear in the list, top to bottom. Use the column sorting links to sort alphabetically by title, or by date, or by editor to control page ordering.
  • To artificially create a particular ordering for pages, save them one by one in the desired order, then use date sort to order them by Last Edited Time.
  • Pages that contain dynamic content, such as included pages, search results, or RSS feeds, will be exported with the dynamic content fetched when the Export operation is invoked, which may not be the same as when the page was loaded into the browser.

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