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bold words*bold words*
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Page Link[Page Link]
Link text"Link text" [Page Link]
Page Link to different-workspace{link: different-workspace [Page Title]} to different-workspace
Page section name{section:Name}
Link to section in the same page{link: Section} (note: headings are sections too)
Link to section of a different page{link: [Page Title] Section}
Link to section of a page in another workspace{link: another workspace [Page Title] Section}
Socialtext Home Page"Socialtext Home Page"<>
Socialtext Email"Socialtext Email"<>
[external image]<>

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    • subitem 1
  • item 2
* item 1
** subitem 1
* item 2
  1. item 1
    1. subitem 1
  2. item 2
# item 1
## subitem 1
# item 2

heading 1

^ heading 1

heading 2

^^ heading 2

heading 3

^^^ heading 3

heading 4

^^^^ heading 4
heading 5
^^^^^ heading 5
heading 6
^^^^^^ heading 6
 [image attachment]{image: logo-bar-12.gif} (image attached to page)
[image attachment]{image: workspace [page name] logo-bar-12.gif} (image attached to a page in another workspace)
proposal.pdf on this page{file: proposal.pdf} on this page
proposal.pdf on page name{file: [page name] proposal.pdf} - [page name]
My Weblog weblog{weblog: My Weblog}
Meeting notes category{category: Meeting Notes}
Yahoo user yahoouser presenceYahoo user ymsgr:yahoouser presence
AOL user aimuser presenceAOL user aim:aimuser presence
Block of HTML.html
<img src="">
Block of text with no *special* punctuation.pre
Block of text with no *special* punctuation
*this text is not bold*{{*this text is not bold*}}