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Getting there

What's new gives you a snapshot of recent activity in the workspace. What's new can be accessed from the dashboard by clicking the What's new link or icon:


It can also be accessed through the navigation menu at the top of any page, as shown here:


When the Email Notification setting is turned on, workspace members periodically receive automatic notifications of what's new via email. See Email notification of recent changes.



What's new lists every change to all pages in the workspace. Each change lists

By default, What's new lists entries in reverse chronological order. The most recent changes appear at the top, and the least recent at the bottom. However, you can re-sort the listing by any of the columns by clicking on the column's header.


Only the changes made in the last week are normally shown. You can see all pages in the workpace by clicking on the All Pages tab at the top.


Changes in another workspace

You can keep up with What's new in a different workspace by viewing a list of those changes in a page. All you have to do is write

just a list: {recent-changes <workspace>}
full contents: {recent-changes-full <workspace>}

where <workspace> is the name of the workspace to watch. If you omit <workspace>, the current workspace's changes will be displayed. For example, to see the changes in the Customer Exchange, write

just a list: {recent-changes exchange}
full contents: {recent-changes-full exchange}

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