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A Watchlist allows you to keep a close watch on a page or group of pages. The Watchlist lets you know when the pages you are interested in have been updated. You can subscribe to updates to your watchlist by email or by RSS.

Adding and removing pages

To add a page to your watchlist, click the star that appears in the top-right corner:


The star will turn blue:


To remove the page you are viewing from your watchlist, simply click the star again.

Seeing Watchlist updates in your workspace

Your Watchlist is accessed via the dashboard by clicking "Your Watchlist".


The Watchlist page lists every change to all pages you have added to your Watchlist, with the most recently changed pages first. However, you can re-sort the listing by any of the columns by clicking on the column's header.


Each change lists

You can also remove pages from your watchlist by clicking the blue star next to each entry in the Watchlist page. (Note that this does not actually delete those pages.) From the same list, click on the white star to re-add the page to your Watchlist.

Getting Watchlist updates by email or RSS

You can keep aware of activity on the pages in your Watchlist without actually visiting the workspace, using either email or RSS.

Email notifications

The system will send you notifications of pages that have recently changed via email. The Watchlist item under Settings / Preferences allows you to set how frequently these emails will be sent out and what is put in them.


When you visit your Watchlist page, the RSS button base/images/feed-icon-14x14.png links to an RSS feed for the watchlist, which you can use to subscribe your aggregator to updates.

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