Walkthrough to unplug recent changes

View What's New

To unplug a set of your most recently changed pages, click What's new in the top left of the toolbar. This should show you a list of recently changed pages.

Note: By default, What's new is set to show changes made in the last week. If you like, you can change the default setting using configure settings to show changes made in the last day, month, or other time period, depending on the level of activity in your wiki.

For example, to change the settings for What's New to cover changes made in the last month, click on Settings in the upper right hand toolbar of your wiki. Then click on "What's New" in the left hand sidebar. Change the pulldown menu for the What's New time interval to one month. Then, click the Save button at the top of the page.

Unplug the set of pages

Now that you've changed the settings to reflect changes made over the last month, you are ready to unplug a set of pages.

Click on "What's new" in the top toolbar of your workspace. This will show you a list of recently changed pages.

Click the Unplugged icon. A dialog box will pop up offering to open or save an html file.


Save the unplugged set of pages

You can now do one of two things. One choice is to save the set of pages to your hard drive and then click or drag it to open it in a web browser. Or, you can choose to open the html file with a web browser, directly from the dialog box.

Either way, the set of pages is now offline, and you can use your web browser offline to read them and to make changes.

Your set of pages will now open in a browser window.


You can navigate to start reading and editing the pages you unplugged by clicking on page titles in the right hand sidebar.


When you click on a link to one of your pages, a mini-window called a "tiddler" will open in your main browser window. You can open many of these mini windows within one main browser window.

Make changes

Edit a page or pages. To save your changes, click "done" in the navigation bar at the top of the editing window when you are done.


Note that tagging is not enabled in this current version of Socialtext Unplugged. Tags will not be synced to the server. If you would like to tag your wiki pages, you must tag them on the wiki, on your server, while you are online.

Sync the pages

Click "sync" in the right hand sidebar.


This will bring you to a browser window that lists your unplugged pages. The pages you've changed will be highlighted in

Then click the "sync" button at the bottom of the browser window.

A sync of your Unplugged pages will replace changes made on the server. Any changes made to a page on the server will still be in the revision history for that page on the server.

Stop using Unplugged

You can close the editing window at any time. The pages you've unplugged will still be on your hard drive unless you delete them.