Socialtext announces simple editing

Socialtext now allows Simple mode easy text editing, which works much like a word processor, providing What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing for wikis. When you're editing a page, you can click on the toolbar buttons to format text, and your changes will appear on the screen right away.

Simple mode editing is not intended to be a complete word processor or HTML editor. It supports the same basic formatting as previous versions of Socialtext, with the added benefit of seeing formatting changes as you make them.

You will still need to use Advanced mode for some actions such as editing tables, editing links, and including images in the page.

Since Simple mode makes common formatting tasks so easy, we are providing it early in its evolution. You may find bugs. Please let us know at

Here are some hints and tips:

Simple mode is based on the Socialtext open source Wikiwyg project.