Release Notes for Socialtext 2.12 - WikiWidgets


What is WikiWidgets?

WikiWidgets is a new user interface feature of Wikiwyg. In Simple Mode, where you previously saw greyed-out uneditable content such as a table of contents, included page, or search, you now see a WikiWidget. Click on the WikiWidget to bring up a form-based editor instead of entering Advanced mode to edit that content. Use the new Insert... pulldown menu to insert new WikiWidgets anywhere in a page in either Simple or Advanced mode. Use Preview to see what your page will look like, and Save to get the final content as usual.

What does a WikiWidget look like?

A WikiWidget is a clickable image containing text that tells you what the widget represents, such as an attached file, an image, or a search. You can find out about WikiWidgets by the example at Adding a link to another workspace .

WikiWidgets - More Options

Every form-based WikiWidget editor contains a More Options link. Click it to expand the interface and expose more fill-in fields for advanced options and for customized link text. Every More Options section also displays the exact wikitext that will be inserted into the page when the form is saved.

It is now possible to provide link text for every WikiWidget where that makes sense. For example, if you insert a WikiWidget for an attached file, use More Options in the WikiWidget interface to specify link text for the link to the attachment. Previously, there was no way to do that and the file name was always the link text.

If you provide link text for an attached image, the page will contain a link to the image instead of the image itself.

Help for WikiWidgets

Help has been updated to catalog and describe WikiWidgets. These are the Help pages of interest:

Using WikiWidgets
WikiWidgets Catalog
Adding a link to another workspace

WikiWidgets Screencast

You'll find a four minute screencast on WikiWidgets here. Have a look! The full-screen QuickTime version of the screencast is recommended for clarity.

Advanced mode is still needed

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