Release Notes for Socialtext 1.9.6


Socialtext 1.9.6 is a significant upgrade to Socialtext 1.9.4.

Create customized look and feel

Socialtext workspaces may now be customized or "skinned" by appliance customers or by Socialtext's customer services department to integrate logos, colors, layout, and other elements for a customized and integrated look and feel. See the Socialtext Style Customization Guide for more information.

Improved public workspaces

Socialtext 1.9.6 has a number of usability improvements. You only need to register once to participate in any Socialtext public workspace. This version fixes usability problems where your workspace list did not appear correctly in public workspaces, and where preferences in public workspaces would expire after a time. Current wiki users are already registered with Socialtext 1.9.6 using their current passwords and names.

Enhanced access control

Access control has been enhanced and improved. Fine-grained Roles and Permission Sets controls now allow administrators to tailor the operations that each type of user can do in a workspace.

Searchable help workspace

Prior to 1.9.6, copies of Help pages were kept in each and every workspace. Now, there is a single, searchable Help workspace to which all workspaces are linked. Workspaces containing customized Help pages will retain those customized pages.

Dynamic content sections

Dynamic content sections may be embedded within wiki pages. Tables of contents, contents of other pages, recent changes, category lists, and search results may be embedded. See the Tutorial: Including other pages and lists into a page for full information and examples of how to use dynamic content in your wiki.

Improved search indexing reliability

Socialtext 1.9.6 improves the reliability of search indexing. Because of this new system, it make take a few seconds to re-index a wiki page or attachment recently added or updated.