Release Notes for Socialtext 1.5

Release Notes for Socialtext 1.5

Please report serious bugs that keep you from getting your job done or small problems that you have noted to .

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

This page details the major feature additions and changes in Socialtext 1.5 from the previous version, Socialtext 1.4. The Socialtext Documentation page describes these new features in detail.

New Connections

Socialtext 1.5 provides a number of new ways to connect a workspace to other dynamic web services.

Instant messaging and presence. You can link directly from a Socialtext workspace to instant message and internet phone services, so your colleagues can reach you with a simple click.

Importing RSS feeds. You can import RSS feeds into your Socialtext workspace.

Technorati search. You can find out what weblogs are writing about any web page, and view the results in your Socialtext workspace.

Tag links. Socialtext categories in Eventspace (public workspace) pages are automatically linked to other information resources with the same category using the new "tag links" syntax supported by Technorati, Flickr, and other web services.

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