Release Notes for Socialtext 1.1

Release Notes for Socialtext 1.1 RC1

  1. Please report serious bugs that keep you from getting your job done to
  2. Please post feature requests to Feedback and minor problems to the bugs page. When posting, please reference ST 1.1 RC1.

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

This page details the major feature additions and changes in Socialtext 1.1 from the previous version, Socialtext 1.0. The Socialtext Socialtext Documentation page includes documentation on these new features.

What's new in Socialtext 1.1

Weblogs. The weblog portion of the system has been improved for greater ease of use. The "weblogs" selection on the menu bar now takes you directly to the most recent blog that you had been viewing. You can select a weblog to view from a dropdown menu of available weblogs. When you're in the weblog section, you can now post directly to a weblog by picking the weblog from a drop-down menu, and selecting "Post to weblog".

E-mail in attachments. Email sent to a workspace that has attachments in it will have the attachments saved on the appropriate page.


Known issues