Release notes for Socialtext 1.0

Release Notes for Socialtext 1.0

  1. Please report serious bugs that keep you from getting your job done to
  2. Please post feature requests to Feedback and minor problems to the bugs page. When posting, please reference ST 1.0.

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

This page details the major feature additions and changes in Socialtext 1.0 from the previous version, Socialtext 0.9. The Socialtext Socialtext Documentation page includes documentation on these new features.

What's new in Socialtext 1.0

One-step user registration. An administrator can now add and invite new users to the system in a single step.

Delegated administration. Administrators can now add and remove other users as administrators.

Create a new workspace. Administrators can create a new workspace and invite colleagues.

Configure workspace. Administrators can modify an existing workspace by changing the name, changing the logo in the upper corner, and changing the start page of a workspace.

My workspaces. There is an new sidebar box that shows the set of workspaces a user is subscribed to. It's possible now to switch from workspace to workspace directly without going to a separate page. Workspaces with recent activity (within the last week) are noted with an asterisk.


Known issues