Reading the workspace

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Reading a Socialtext Workspace is just like reading the Web, with more tools to organize information than regular websites. For instance, you can list all the pages, track what has recently changed, and access the revision history of each page.

Browsing. Simply Click links like this one to browse through the pages in the workspace.

Keeping up to date. Click What's new (next to Quick jump) to view a list of recently changed pages in the workspace. The pages are listed with the most recent at the top, but you may sort them by title, author, date edited, or revision count.

Listing all pages. From the "What's new" page you can view a list of all pages by clicking on the All Pages tab.

Watching selected pages. Click the light-colored star at the top of a page to add it to your Watchlist, which you can use to monitor updates. The watchlist (accessible from the dashboard) lists the pages you have bookmarked in this way. You can subscribe to your watchlist by email or RSS.

Searching. You can search pages, page titles, or the text of attachments using Socialtext. Type the words you are looking for in the "Search" box at the top of the page. A list of matching pages will be returned. You can find out more on Searching.

Print a page. To print the page without the headers, footers, and sidebars select Print. To see what a printed page will look like, use Print Preview in your browser.

Save a page. To save a page as HTML, select Export as HTML from the Tools menu. Use your browser's "Save As" or "View source" functions to save or cut and paste the HTML-formatted page. To save a page in Adobe PDF format, select Export to PDF. To save a page in a Microsoft Word format, select Export to Word. You can export multiple pages to PDF or Word using the Export Multiple Pages to PDF or Word feature.

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