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Socialtext records the history of changes to every page. This means that if you make a mistake, you can always go back to an older version. If you delete a good idea and later want to get it back, you can. Or if you simply want to see the progress of a project over time, you can easily look through the history of work as it is right there for you.

See previous revisions. Click the Revisions link in the sidebar, to the left of "Watch this page". (You can also access revision histories from What's new by clicking on the revision count, at the far right). From here you can look at any revision of a page, or compare any two versions.

Compare revisions. You can see the changes between any two revisions of a page. Click on the circles for the revisions you want to compare. Then click on the Compare revisions button. This will show both pages, including wiki punctuation, and highlight additions, deletions and changes in color. You can also compare versions of the formatted page, without color highlighting, by clicking "View Formatted."

Restore a previous revision of a page. Click "revision (number)" for the revision you would like to restore, then click the "Restore Revision (number)" button.


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