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How to start?

Simply double-click where you want to edit. Alternatively, click the blue Edit button at the top of each page.


How does it work?

Socialtext editing works much like your favorite word processor. Just type what you want to say. Editing tools are available from the toolbar:


(What each of those buttons does is detailed in the page called Simple mode.) Once you're done, you can either Save your changes, or Cancel them if you want to back out. You can also Preview your work to make sure it looks correct.


Writing pages is easy!

Just type! Don't worry about breaking anything -- previous versions of the page are saved in the page revision history, so there's always a backup copy of the page you're working on.

Page contention. Occasionally when two people work on a page at once, the system will notify you that another user has changed the page while you have been editing it. To avoid losing your changes, select and copy your changes from the web page, then click and edit the latest version of the page. Paste your changes into the edit window, and save. You can use the revision history and compare revisions to see the changes both users made.

Edit modes

There are two ways of editing the text on pages, Simple mode and Advanced mode. You can switch between them at any time by clicking on the Simple or Advanced links to the right of the buttons:



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