Changing the workspace

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Unlike regular websites, Socialtext gives you, the reader, the power to change the site. This is as simple as typing. The entire website is open for you to improve. If you've ever scribbled notes in the margin, highlighted a page, or wanted to fix a typo, you will shine with Socialtext.

Editing a page

Simply double-click where you want to edit. Alternatively, click the blue Edit button at the top of each page. Editing works much like your favorite word processor. Just type!

Once you're done, you can either Save your changes, or Cancel them if you want to back out. You can also Preview your work to make sure it looks correct.

Find out more about editing.

Add a comment

To comment on the page you're viewing, click the purple Comment button. A pop-up window will open for your comment. Your comment will be saved to the bottom of the page, along with your name and the time of the comment.

Create a new page

Go to the dashboard and click on the New Page button. You will see a new page to edit. Put the text you want on the page in the large space which reads "Replace this text with your own." Name your page by editing the title in the field on top. You and others will be able to find this page later by using the title you choose now, so make it meaningful. Click Save.

You can also create a new page by making a link on an existing page. While editing, select the text to link and click on base/images/wikiwyg_icons/link.gif in the toolbar. Or, you can just put the title of the page you wish to create in square brackets, like this: [Title of New Page], and the link will be activated when you save the page.

After saving, the link will appear with a dashed underline, which means the link refers to a new page. Whenever you click on a dashed link, you can fill in the text of the new page.

Rename a page

To rename a page, click on Rename Page in the Tools menu.

A pop-up window will let you choose a new name for your page. The main window will navigate to the new page after you click Rename. The contents of the original page will be replaced with the words "Page renamed to <new name>" and will link to the new page.

Delete a page

To delete a page, click on Delete Page in the Tools menu.

You will be asked to confirm that the page should be removed. After deletion, you will be given an option to restore in case you deleted in error. A list of pages that link to the page you deleted will also be shown. You may want to update those links.

Duplicate a page

To duplicate a page, click on Duplicate Page in the Tools menu.

A pop-up window will let you choose a name for your duplicate page. The main window will navigate to the new page after you click Duplicate.

Copy a page to another workspace

To publish a page to another workspace, click on Copy Page to Workspace in the Tools menu.

From here you provide the destination workspace and a new page name (optional). You can choose to duplicate attachments and categories along with the text of the page.

Attach a file

A list of the attachments to a page appears in the light purple "Attachments" box in the sidebar.
Click on the Upload files button to add one or more file(s). Click the Manage files button to delete files. See Attached files for more on the mechanics of attaching a file.

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