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Here is a detailed walkthrough showing how to add a link to another workspace, using WikiWidgets. Note that inter-workspace links only work between workspaces on the same server. Unless you have wikis on multiple servers, this will not affect you.

Assume that on your personal wiki page on a workspace called "Admin" you want to link to a page called "Best Practices" which is on a different workspace called "Foobar".

Click on "Edit" on the page where you'd like to add the link. Click Simple if you are not already in Simple editing mode. Put the insertion point at the place in the page where you want to add a link to another workspace.

The Insert menu is near the top of the page, near the right center of the toolbar.


Select "Interworkspace Link" from the Insert menu. In the resulting dialog box, enter the name of the other workspace, as in the image below. As you begin typing the name of the workspace, the dialog box offers possible choices for workspace names. Short names are in parentheses. You can finish typing the full name of the wiki, or type enough letters to narrow the possible choices to one, and then hit the tab key to complete the name of the workspace.


After typing or choosing a workspace name, fill in the page title box. As you type, a lookahead will offer choices of available page titles. In this example, you can see that the page title is "Best Practices".


Click OK. This will return you to the editing page. Click the Save button to save your changes and leave editing mode.

This will create a link on your wiki page. By default, the text of the link will be the page title -- the title you just entered in the dialog box's text field, "Best Practices". This link text doesn't have to be the same as the name of the page you're linking to. If we don't want that link to say "Best Practices", we can edit the page again and explore More options. Let's walk through that process.

Click "Edit" and make sure you are in Simple mode. The insert you just created will look like a light-colored box outlined in black:

Single click that box and you will return to the dialog box for that WikiWidget.

Now you can add more information, creating an even more complex link. Click "More options", at the bottom of the dialog box, and the box will expand. Add alternate text here, the text you'd like to appear on your wiki page. We don't want the link to read "Best Practices." Instead, we'll put in this text to be turned into a link: "Develop great tagging structures".

Also, we can add more information to link us directly to a specific section on the Best Practices page. It will link not just to the Best Practices page on the Foobar wiki, it will also take us directly to a section halfway down that page - a section named "How to Tag".


Click Save in the dialog box, and you'll return to Simple edit mode.


Then, save the page.

Now our page looks like this:


The advanced markup to make this complex link would be: "Develop great tagging structures"{link: foobar [Best Practices] How to Tag} . Simple mode and the dialog box above mean that you don't have to remember the syntax how to write that link. It will be generated for you!

Other WikiWidgets are listed on the page for Simple Mode.

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