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in Hackathon Toronto, Apr 28, 2007

Indoor Playground

364 Richmond St W (Richmond and Peter), Suite 503. When you get to the front door call 647-838-6419 - someone will either come and get you then or will tell you the buzzcode. If the security guard is still on duty, please show some ID.

Richard Dice says of this location:

  • a great space (brick&beam, 5th floor loft in a convert old downtown factory space)
  • tables & chairs for 20-30 hackers
  • wireless internet
  • great public transit access
  • great nearby food options
  • maximum funky-ness
  • nearby hotels (though not cheap ones -- kind of standard downtown ones, think C$130/night)

Web maps

Building Access


Mass transit


International Travel

From/to United States

From Other Countries

Tom Legrady

That's me



Here's a list of Hackathon projects. Please note that the Hackathon is NOT just about Perl 6 and Parrot. Anyone who has a Perl project they'd like to work on is welcome. Feel free to add your own!

List of all projects:

John Macdonald

Arriving about 10:00 (or 11:00 if I miss the intended GO train). Staying until late afternoon.

Working on Heap::* for a while, setting up latest pugs and then will be available for some work on pre-configure testing.

Alan Rocker

Will probably be late.

Hacker Widows

General tourism links:


Kensington Market

Historically a working-class immigrant neighbourhood, the Market packs all things international and offbeat into a handful of tiny city blocks. Cheese from Eastern Europe, Chinese vegetables, antiques, surplus goods, anarchist literature, and anything that could be remotely considered 'eclectic' can be found here, and cheaply to boot. All kinds of food establishments -- cafes, ethnic restaurants, street vendors -- proliferate here as well.

About 800m from the Hackathon location. Start out going west on Richmond; turn right to head north on Spadina. Go left on Dundas, then a right on Kensington will take you right into the middle of the Market. (directions)


Baldwin Village

The east end of Baldwin Street (between Henry and McCaul) is jam-packed with funky restaurants in all price ranges. The walk from the Hackathon location is about 1000m. (directions)

There are many good choices here, but my personal favourite is Konnichi-wa, a small homestyle Japanese place. Great katsudon can be had here; the noodle dishes are supposed to be good as well. Inexpensive; most plates run $6-8.


CN Tower

Little needs to be said about the CN Tower. It's about 1200m southeast of the Hackathon location. (directions) Look for the tower and head towards it. =)


...or, as everyone calls it, 'the AGO'. Hands down the best art gallery in Canada and one of the best in North America. http://www.ago.net/

317 Dundas Street West; corner of Dundas and Beverley, about 600m north of the Hackathon location.



  • Grange Hotel: An inexpensive hotel in Toronto's Chinatown where I've stayed several times before. Walking distance to Hackathon Toronto location.

Describe the tasks we have to do to get Hackathon Toronto off the ground.

Wireless Internet Access

Edit here.


Edit here.


Edit here.

Stuff to make sure you have

  • Big post-it paper for the walls, plus markers
  • Labeler for everyone's stuff
  • Lots of power strips
Hackathon Chicago


The first standalone TPF-sponsored Hackathon. The Chicago wiki has lots of pages that may help with planning on this one.

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