Hackathon Toronto, Apr 28, 2007
Hackathon Toronto, Apr 28, 2007: Revision 11
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This is the home page wiki for Hackathon Toronto, Saturday, April 28, 2007.

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^ What is Hackathon Toronto?

A one-day, face-to-face, collective hacking session focused on Perl, Parrot and related open source programming projects. See [Projects] to see what we'll be hacking on or to add your own project.

^ When?

Saturday, April 28, 2007, 9:00 am till you drop.

^ Where?

Indoor Playground, 364 Richmond St W (Richmond and Peter). See [Location] for maps and directions. The Indoor Playground is located on the 5th floor, Suite 503. For access to the building on the ground floor -- when you get to the front door call 647-838-6419. Someone will either come down to get you or can tell you the buzzcode for the building front door then.
P.S.: The elevator works!

^ Who?

Sign up on the [Attendees] page.

^ Why?

Because collective hacking is fun.

^ Communications (human, email, and computer)

* IRC channel: irc://irc.perl.org/hackathon

^^^ Hackathon logistics

* The [Todo] list tracks organizational tasks. Add your name if you can help out.

^^^ Transportation

* The [Arrival Schedule] will help coordinate transportation.
* Use the [Departure Schedule] if you'd like to coordinate your leaving.

{include: [Projects]}

{include: [Schedule]}

{include: [Attendees]}

{include: [Lodging]}

{include: [Acknowledgements]}

^^^ Pointers

First time at a Perl Hackathon? Got advice for new Hackathoners? Look at the {link: hackathon-chicago [Hackathon Attendees HOWTO]} and improve it if you can.

Thinking of bringing a spouse or kids? Get some idea about what's around from the [Hacker Widows] and [Hacker Orphans] pages.

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