CGI::Application::Framework on CPAN

Todo list for today

I've tried to install CGI::Application::Framework on Win32 and installation of Apache::SessionX failed. See RT#26533: DB_File test hangs on Win32.

Is CGI::Application::Framework used by anyone? I see that I'm first to submit cpantesters report for it. And Apache::SessionX has only 5 reports, all FAIL.

contributed by Alexandr Ciornii

Which means that it would be good to work on Apache::SessionX at the hackathon as well. --Jim Keenan

Patched Apache::SessionX. Download patch.

Log::Dispatch::Config also fails under Windows.

contributed by on Apr 28 7:52am

Wrote patch for Log::Dispatch::Config - it's test's problem. Tests can be simply skipped.

contributed by on Apr 28 2:04pm