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Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006

Food nearby

For food & coffee places near the Country Inn & Suites, see food nearby.

Snack/drink requests

Pete & Andy are going to be getting snacks 'n' stuff on Thursday. If you have special snack requests, leave them here and we'll see what we can do.

  • diet Coke -- Andy
  • Water
  • Hummus (Sabra hummus, from costco)
  • Pita to go with Hummus -- Schwern
  • Fritos
  • Veggies & fruit -- Schwern
  • Old fashioned peanut butter (ie. peanuts & maybe some salt) -- Schwern
  • Nuts & dried fruit -- Schwern
  • Some kind of non-coffee, non-cola stim drink -- maybe Bawls or some such?
  • rabbi's delight doughnuts from greenbush in madison, wi -- particle (can't hurt to ask!)
  • Michael Wolf's suggestions (based on years of provisioning computer classrooms):
    • Snacks
      • sweet - hard candy, skittles
      • salty - crakers, pretzel rods, hanover pretzels
      • sweet/salty - trail mix
      • protein - peanuts, soy nuts, cheese
      • chewy - licorice, tootsie rolls, gummy bears
      • chocolate snacks
        • M&M (plain, peanut)
        • dark chocolate
        • milk chocolate
        • fruity chocolate
        • nougat (miky way)
        • nuts (snickers)
        • peanut butter cups
    • chips (sun chips, doritos, potatoe chips, cheetos)
    • Cookies
      • chocolate chips
      • non-chocolate
    • Soda
      • caffeinated cola
      • decaf cola
      • non-cola (i.e. sprite, fresca, root beer)
      • non-soda sugar drinks (lemonade, fruit-flavored)
      • non-cannned (bottled fruit juice,
      • caned tea (sweetened and unsweetened)
    • Coffee & Tea
      • black tea
      • green tea
      • herbal tea
      • half and half (no powdered "whitener")
    • Water
      • water (a few individual bottles, rest in 1-3 gallon containers to refill bottles, and for labeled cups)
      • seltzer
    • Supplies
      • re-usable cups that can be labeled
      • permanent marker for labeling cups and bowls
      • cheap paper bowls to hold snacks from family-sized packages (to avoid overpriced, overpackaged individual servings) Coffee filters are often a good (i.e. cheap) substitute if they're shaped like bowls instead of like cones.

Dinner on Friday and Sunday

Saturday night is pizza night as part of the Krugle presentation. What about Friday and Sunday?


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