Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006
Hackathon-Attendees-HOWTO: Revision 3

Hackathon-Attendees' HOWTO

This document is an attempt to gather suggestions and recommendations so that people coming to their first Hackathon so can more easily hit the ground running and have a better Hackathon experience in general.

A fair number of the Chicago Hackathon participants were attending their first such event. While hopefully everyone had a good time and felt like their appearance was worthwhile, the impression I got was that a lot of folks could have had an easier time 'getting started', as it were.

Whether you're a hardened Hackathoner or someone who just attended your first Perl Foundation event, you surely have some tidbit of advice to share. Please contribute freely and edit ruthlessly.


  • Pick a project that looks interesting and check it out.
    • better yet, pick a few.
    • but please come even if you don't have time
  • once you find something you like, try to suss out who'll be working on it
  • if you're travelling and comfortable with the idea, consider finding out who else is going from your area.

Stuff to bring

  • laptop
    • desktop might work, as long as you have
  • wifi
  • power cords, spare parts
  • your comfy coding clothes


  • geekly shirt

At the Hackathon

  • don't be afraid to ask questions

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