Perl 6 & Parrot

Leader: Chip Salzenberg
Interested: Rick Scott, Andrew Johnson

Perl 6 is the next release of Perl 5, and is quite an undertaking. Parrot is the virtual machine that underlies Perl 6, and will allow other languages to run on top of it.

Chip Salzenberg, the pumpking for Parrot, and Jerry Gay, bon vivant and man about town, will be at the hackathon to organize this effort.

One of Chip's first tasks is preparing a new Parrot release.

Jerry will be finalizing the design of the SmartLink implementation, collecting a list of problems and solutions for both pmc and object, and writing a spec for IPC::Run-like control of a parrot interpreter.

We've got a laundry list of other tasks, including:

Some RT tickets that would be really useful for hackathoners to address: