Notable events

This is a running log of notable events from the weekend.

Thursday night, Michael Schwern aquires pink monkey banana toe socks.

Friday, 8:56, Jerry Gay tries to make a waffle but neglects to prime the iron with non-stick spray. Resulting waffle sustains massive structural damage.

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 10 6:58am

Friday, 14:03, Andy's self-adhesive label machine is a hit. Every geek gathering should have one.

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 10 12:05pm

Friday, 16:24, Power goes out for the fourth time. We all love our laptops.

contributed by on Nov 10 8:25am

Now the fifth time. Desk clerk says that ComEd is doing power work down the road.

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 10 2:40pm

Power is back on after six outages, and has been on for 10 minutes. As Bill said, next year's Hackathon should be held in Fiji.

contributed by Pete Krawczyk on Nov 10 3:13pm

Friday afternoon, Michael Schwern acquires pink monkey banana pajamas.

contributed by on Nov 10 3:31pm

Friday evening, beer-augmented hacking begins an era of quieter and convivial productivity.

contributed by particle on Nov 10 9:16pm

Saturday, 2am, Andy picks up chromatic from the Metra station, ending his 14-hour trip from Portland.

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 11 12:08am

Sunday evening, remaining hackathoners make the trek to downtown Crystal Lake in search of a restaurant that serves Italian food or something that looks vaguely like a vegetable. Finding all businesses shuttered and all sidewalks rolled up, they return to the hotel and resign themselves to eating grease and sugar at Culver's.

Tuesday, chromatic writes up a lovely recap of the weekend:

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 14 7:04pm