Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006

This is the home page wiki for Hackathon Chicago, Nov 10-12, 2006. The static website is at http://hackathon.info

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Lessons learned from this Hackathon

Pete and Andy and a bunch of other people wrote up this post-hackathon recap.

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The Perl-ish people -- who we are

The Perl-ish work -- what we do; what we did!

Communications (human, email, and computer)

Hackathon logistics


Lodging, Food, and Meeting space

Here's a list of Hackathon projects. Please note that the Hackathon is NOT just about Perl 6 and Parrot. Anyone who has a Perl project they'd like to work on is welcome.

Feel free to add your own, and if you have an svn repository that you would like mirrored on-site, please mention it at SVK Mirrors

List of all projects:


Pete/Andy set up stuff, and bring people in.


8am -- Pete arrives / setup and organization
6pm -- Dinner/food in the meeting room


6pm -- Dinner/food in the meeting room
6pm -- Krugle presentation in the meeting room


8am-1pm -- Meeting room unavailable
6pm -- Dinner/food in the meeting room

  Who Fri Sat Sun From Where Online
A David Adler (dha) New York dha on irc.perl.org
B Jess Balint X? X X? Chicago jessb5760jessb5760
C chromatic   ! Portland, OR  
  Jason Carter   !   Crystal Lake, IL  
  Jason Crome   DeKalb, IL TheOneCromeDomeTheOneCromeDome
D Richard Dice ! Toronto, ON  
  Matt Diephouse X Ann Arbor, MI  
  Chris Dolan     Madison, WI  
  Clyde Forrester   X   Forest Park, IL  
F Mike Fragassi   X   Chicago  
G Jerry Gay Seattle, WA mikethepodmikethepod
  Patty Giorgas X     Chicago  
  Ryan Gerry   X McHenry, IL  
  Jason Gessner       Milwaukee, WI  
H Todd Hepler X X St. Louis, MO  
I Kelli Ireland   Pittsburgh, PA kelli3125kelli3125
J Andrew Johnson ?   Downers Grove, IL  
  Kirsten Jones Scotts Valley, CA synedra@mac.comsynedra@mac.com
K Jim Keenan Brooklyn, NY irc.perl.org: kid51
  Pete Krawczyk Wonder Lake, IL pkrawczypkrawczy
  Ken Krugler     Silicon Valley, CA  
L Andy Lester McHenry, IL petdancepetdance
  Doug Lim X X Schaumburg, IL dlim60194dlim60194 doug_lim.rmdoug_lim.rm
M Josh McAdams   X Chicago, IL  
  John Melesky ! X   Chicago, IL phaedrusdeinusphaedrusdeinus
  Adnan Menon X     Chicago  
O Bill Odom St. Louis, MO  
P Steve Peters   X? X Madison, WI fisharerojofisharerojo
  Pete Prodoehl     Milwaukee, WI pjrasterpjraster
  Jonathan Rockway X Chicago, IL irc.perl.org: jrockway
  Andrew Rodland     Chicago irc: hobbs
S Chip Salzenberg Jupiter irc.perl.org: chip GroutNASAGroutNASA
  Michael Schwern Portland, OR MichaelSchwernMichaelSchwern irc.perl.org:Schwern
  Rick Scott Sault Ste Marie, ON irc.perl.org:shadowspar
  Elliot Shank Chicago, IL elliotshankelliotshank
  Mark W. "catfood" Schumann   X X Cleveland, OH  
  Vishal Soni X X X Minneapolis, MN  
  Michael Stemle X Chicago, IL irc.perl.org:manchicken mannhuhnmannhuhn
  Ken Swanson X   St. Louis, MO  
T Al Tobey       Grand Rapids, MI Tobert42Tobert42
W Michael R. Wolf Seattle, WA  
  Jonathan Worthington Scarborough, England irc.perl.org: jonathan

marks people who have arrived.

(Please keep this in alphabetical order)

Thinking of bringing a spouse or kids? Get some idea about what's around from the Hacker Widows and Hacker Orphans pages.