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Andy should have made it clear that O'Hare was the airport of choice, not Midway. The people who came in to Midway had to go through hell.

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 11 8:30am

No, just the Chicago suburbs. I can see how you might confuse the two though.

I made a number of blog posts (Hackathon: Perl::Critic, Hackathon: Parrot, Hackathon: Krugle, Hackathon: Summary…) about the Hackathon. Personally most of the projects being worked on were over my head code-wise, but I still had a good time and learned a lot. Thanks for putting it on. (I've also put photos on Flickr...)

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I had fun, even though I only attended for one day. I had intended to work with the Parrot folks to work on their own Perl::Critic tests, but time was too short. In an email to the perl-critic list, I made a brain dump of the non-coding accomplishments and the list was surprisingly long.

I was also surprised that I enjoyed the presentation and discussion. Ken Krugler is a thoughtful and interesting guy.

-- Chris Dolan

I enjoyed the weekend. The only thing I would have liked is better organization to get people into projects.

A lot of people seemed to be there and just work on what they wanted to, which was great. But for someone like me--who is experienced in perl but hasn't worked on much in the community--I didn't come in with a set goal in mind. I just wanted to work and give something back. It was kind of hard for me to get going on any particular project.

-Ken Swanson

contributed by on Nov 13 5:20pm

I want to pitch in 2 more cents here, in that like Ken, I really wished I could have contributed a bit more to Perl in general. All I really got to do of note is post photos and write blog posts. I did offer my services though, so maybe it was just my lack of skills in certain areas. (Plus I was only there for one day.)

contributed by on 2006-11-14

Pete, I don't want to pick on you (no offense intended!), but I have to speak from the other side a little bit. When you approached me on Saturday, I explained to you what Perl::Critic was and what Michael and I were working on, but you never even sat down with us to look at some code. While I do agree strongly that project leaders should have been more proactive about recruiting help, I also think that the newcomers have to be proactive about getting their hands dirty in code.
-- Chris Dolan

I could be wrong about my recollection here (you know how I am with matching faces and names, and even if it's not Pete, it was someone else that this still applies to), but I think that Pete sat down with Chris, and was intimidated by the scope of the project.

Maybe what we need to do is ease the new people into it. On the Parrot side, there are a lot of stories of "Bob installed Parrot successfully the first time." Maybe that's what we do with brand new people. "Here, go install Perl::Critic, and run it on a project of yours, so you get a feel for what it does."

contributed by Andy Lester on Nov 15 9:47am