Leader: Steve Peters
Interested: Michael Schwern
Interested: Jim Keenan
Curious: Michael R. Wolf

A problem over the years in Perl 5 has been that bugs mysteriously get fixed. This is a big problem for two reasons. First, we don't know when a bug is fixed and we are able to close the bug from the RT queue. Second, we don't know if the bug is fixed and then broken again.

I'll be working on getting tests TODO tests created for as many of the existing bugs in the Perl 5 bug queue as possible over the weekend. This is fortunately an easy place for nearly anyone to contribute.


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This has something todo with the Lifecycle module:

my $lifecycle = RT::Lifecycle->Load('default');
my @statuses = $lifecycle->Valid;

probably gets you what you want. Most of the perl classes that the BestPractical guys expect us to use in scripts have reasonable pod documentation,

Although often you have to remember to also consult the superclass documentation as well, since sometimes the documentation is at that level, in things like RT::Record and RT::SearchBuilder.
You really don't want to go about it that way.
You want to ask the Queue for the valid statuses, which is why I
pointed to the perldoc for

A Queue object can get you both global and queue specific sets of
statuses, and it can also tell you if a Status is valid for a given

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