Arrival Schedule

If you'll need a ride from the Holiday Inn (because you're taking the Van Galder bus from O'Hare) or from the Metra station, please put your name and expected arrival time here so we can arrange transportation to the hotel.

In case of emergency:
Andy: 815-245-1738
Pete: 815-260-8654


Name Arriving on Notes
Chip Salzenberg 9:50 Van Galder bus O'Hare 7:30, 8:15 bus
Jerry Gay 9:50 Van Galder bus O'Hare 6:25, 8:15 bus (waiting for chip)
Michael Schwern 16:45 Metra Midway 14:40, 15:45 Metra express
Jonathan Worthington Metra O'Hare 15:00; which Metra depends on time through immigration etc; I'll walk it from the station, looks easy enough and I'll need it after the flight. :-)


Name Arriving on Notes
Kelli Ireland ? MDW 13:00
Michael R. Wolf METRA, then by foot ORD 3:58
Jim Keenan 10:25 am Van Galder bus ORD 7:25 am, bus 9:30 am
chromatic 9:48 pm Metra (?) MDW 7:05 pm
Jonathan Rockway 8:28 AM Metra  


Name Arriving on Notes
Jonathan Rockway 11:48 AM Changed from 9:48. I'm going to be dead all day if I take the 9:48 train :)
Pete Prodoehl 1:00 PM Driving in from Wisconsin


Name Arriving on Notes
Jonathan Rockway 11:48AM  

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