Grant Ideas

People give us various grant ideas. If you are looking to spend some time to help the community and get some cash in return, take a look at this list and give us a grant proposal.

If you know an opportunity to improve Perl, let me know at tpf-grants-secretary at

  • Perl core
    • readpipe(LIST) (from rjbs)
    • Unused lexicals (from rjbs)
    • pack and unpack on streams (from Merijn Brand)
  • Module
  • Tool
    • Update PPI for more recent constructs (from rjbs)
  • Documentation
  • External site

While we try to keep this list relevant, things can easily get out of date. Before grabbing a task, check that a similar investment is not done recently.

Disclaimer: The list does not guarantee that TPF will fund these grant proposals.

Last Modified: July 23, 2015