Damian Conway 2002 Development Grant

Damian Conway received a TPF grant in 2002, which was continued from 2001, due to his unflagging energy and enthusiasm for Perl 6. For eighteen months he brought enthusiasm to Perl Mongers and Perl Conferences around the globe. His Exegeses have made the Apocalypses accessible to a wider range of Perl users and his extensive background in computer languages has proven invaluable in the design of Perl 6. He is a delightful, skilled speaker who never fails to impress and instruct. We are gratified Dr. Conway accepted the grant and the amazing volume of work and travel he has done with the funding. The Foundation also thanks those hundred of members of the Perl Community whose support and donations made funding Damian for 18 months a reality. We are also grateful to his wife, Linda, for bearing with his long absences travelling.

Report of Damian's funded activites and accomplishments