Conferences Committee Roles

Conferences Committee

Chair Roles and Responsibilities

On a yearly cycle:

  • Put out calls for a YAPC::NA venue (in the spring).
  • Put out a reminder in early June.
  • Answer any questions about holding a YAPC.
  • Hold a BOF at YAPC::NA to address any questions and offer an early-bird review of any proposals and give feedback. (This assumes you attend YAPC::NA. If you can't, you need to make arrangements to make sure this BOF happens.)
  • Receive bids on the due date and post them to the TPF blog after the due date.
  • Facilitate voting and discussion within the conferences committee.
  • Compile the votes based on the voting system (we have a simple web app), and make the final selection based on the votes, your judgment, and feedback from the conferences committee.
  • Call the selected group and make sure they really are ready to do it.
  • Respond to runners-up and explain what areas they might improve on for next year.
  • Work closely with the selected group to help them organize and plan YAPC::NA for the next year. This involves:
    • Getting cash for down payments from the TPF treasurer.
    • Helping with all logistics like the ACT web site, the venue (as much as you can help), sponsors, etc.
    • Making sure they hit the main milestones listed in the YAPC guide.

In general:

  • Maintain and improve the site.
  • Help with workshops and hackathons as they come up.
  • Stay in touch with the ACT (A conference toolkit) developers.
  • Participate in discussions on various lists (yapc-na, yapc-organizers, yef (YAPC Europe))
  • Consider new ways Perl Conferences (and workshops and hackathons) can help Perl
  • Participate in steering and conference committee discussions
  • And, of course, miscellaneous tasks as they arise

This role requires:

  • A good understanding of the needs of the Perl community.
  • Thick skin ("why did you morons choose X?", "YAPC should do this", "YAPC shouldn't do that", etc.)
  • Patience. Sometimes conference preparations don't always go as planned. It's your job to make sure the events happen, not panic.
  • Discretion.
  • Tact. You need to make sure the organizers are getting things done without being a nag.
  • Assertiveness (to go along with your tact) to put the brakes on excessive spending or planned activities that don't fit with a YAPC.
  • Flexibility. You need to know how much to enforce a YAPC code vs. when to let each group do their own thing. It can be a fine line.

Questions for potential CC chairs:

  1. Why do you feel you'd be a good choice to run the conferences committee?
  2. Why do you want to run the conferences committee?
  3. Given that this is an active, volunteer on-going role, are you sure you have the time and fortitude to keep up? Don't be ashamed of burn out. It's one of the biggest problems we face and we'd rather you take an honest assessment of yourself.
  4. Do you have the extra time in June when YAPC::NA happens and usually requires more time?
  5. What would you like to see the conferences committee do differently?
  6. Have you read the YAPC documentation? If so, how would you improve it?
  7. Can you demonstrate that you are committed, organized and have follow-through?
  8. Have you ever been involved with the TPF before? If so, in what capacity?
  9. Have you had a community role before (organizing a large, on-going open-source project, running a Perl Mongers group, organizing a YAPC, etc.)? If so, how did you do? How would others say you did?
  10. If you are not selected for this role, would you be interested in being on the conferences committee or volunteering to help at a YAPC?