Community Advocacy Committee Charter

1. Purpose

The Community Advocacy Committee shall manage all Yet Another Society operations related to community building, health, and sustainability issued under The Perl Foundation. It shall be granted all powers granted to the Board of Directors relevant to these operations except:

  • Those that are specifically denied under the Yet Another Society Bylaws.
  • The sale or purchase of assets worth greater than $500.
  • Borrowing money or assuming any long term liabilities.
  • Entering into any contract or agreement worth more than $5,000.

The Committee shall be restricted to only those activities that are consistent with Yet Another Society's tax exempt status.

2. Objectives

The Committee shall support the following specific tasks:

  1. Advocating for TPF in the community, and for the community inside TPF
  2. Supporting Perl Mongers and other Perl-related community groups
  3. Community building at YAPCs and other Perl-related events
  4. Establishing regional community-building efforts
  5. Supporting the community “identity” to foster a sense of belonging
  6. Increasing communications within the world-wide Perl community across national and language lines

The Board of Directors may add or remove tasks from time to time.

3. Operating Rules

The Committee shall write a set of rules concerning the operation of the committee. This set of rules shall be published within six months of the Committee's establishment. The rules shall be attached to this charter as “Exhibit A, Committee Operating Rules”. The rules shall be subject to review annually, being reaffirmed as part of the business of the annual meeting required herein. The rules shall be amended according to the procedure set forth in Exhibit A at other times, when, in the judgement of the chair, such amendments are needed to support the effective operation of the Committee.

Any rule promulgated under this section, which in the opinion of the Board's representative on the committee, is potentially harmful to TPF, shall be held in abeyance until a review by the Board.

4. Membership

The Committee shall consist of at least two and at most fifteen members. The Board of Directors shall always have at least one representative on the committee. The Committee shall ensure adequate membership to carry out the tasks specified in Section 2.

The initial membership of the Committee including the Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Members shall serve for 1 year terms. There shall be no limit to the number of terms any member may serve. At any time, a member can be added, removed, or replaced by the Board of Directors.

The Committee has the power to appoint and remove members under the guidelines contained in “Exhibit A, Committee Operating Rules”. In the absence of a rule under the provisions of section 3, the chair shall have the discretion to appoint or dismiss members of the committee.

5. Meetings & Reports

The members of the Committee must meet at least once per year. Due to the international nature of the Committee, these meetings will be held via email. It shall provide a report of all recent operations at least once every three months.

6. Duration

The Committee shall serve until dissolved by the Board of Directors.