Chris Dolan - Policies for Perl::Critic

Author: Chris Dolan

Policies for Perl::Critic


Implement a selection of new policies for Perl::Critic.

Benefits to the Perl Community:

More Perl::Critic policies will help developers to make their code more consistent and maintainable by giving them more ways to comply with a set of best practices.


I will implement the twenty PBP policy ideas in the TODO.pod of Perl::Critic v1.01.

Project Details

Perl::Critic is helping Perl overcome it's reputation for hard-to- maintain code by aiding developers enforce a consistent coding style. As of v1.01, Perl::Critic has 93 pluggable policies, 71 of which come from Damian Conway's Perl Best Practices book. Our TODO list contains another twenty PBP policies thought to be implementable. I propose to complete those twenty. Each of them will be documented and tested to the level of quality expected for the Perl::Critic project.

The policy list:

Project Schedule:

2 months, summer 2007


I contribute to CPAN as CLOTHO and CDOLAN. I am one of the project leaders for Perl::Critic. In 2006, I implemented 27 Perl::Critic and Perl::Critic::More policies. I spearheaded the effort to get our policy test coverage to almost 100%. I organized the Perl::Critic volunteers for the 2006 Chicago Hackathon. The Perl::Critic maintainer, Jeff Thalhammer, has read and approved this proposal.