2009Q1 Grants Results

These are the results for the first round of 2009 grants requests:

Rejected Proposals:

  • CPAN::Forum development
  • Codewalker
  • Interactive Perl Interpreter (removed by the proposer)
  • Awareness and Utilization of Perl in Nigeria: A Survey
  • OPener Chat
  • OPener Package
  • Inline C++/CLI
  • Perl debugger integration in Padre, the Perl IDE

Funded proposals:

  • Improving learn.perl.org, by Eric Wilhelm and Tina Connolly
  • Web.pm - a lightweight web framework for Perl 6, by Ilya Belikin, Carl Mäsak and Stephen Weeks

Still non-funded proposals:

  • Faster Perl Crawlers
  • Pod Mangling Utility Improvements
  • Perl 6 Pages