2002 Grant Report: Larry Wall


Larry Wall is the creator of Perl. He has also authored several other popular free programs available for Unix, including the rn newsreader and the ubiquitous patch program. By training Larry is a linguist who has a fondness for Hobbits. Larry is the keystone of the Perl 6 design team and funding his work writing the design documents (or as he whimsically refers to them: the "Apocalypses") has permitted development to advance swiftly. We will continue to facilitate the Perl 6 design and development as funding allows. The Foundation is indebted to Larry for his tireless work on the difficult task of designing the language, and to the many contributors who have supported this effort with RFCs, feedback and contributions to TPF.

Perl 6 Design

  • Apocalypse 4
  • Apocalypse 5
  • On-going design of Perl 6
  • Participation in Perl 6 mailing lists
  • Keynote at YAPC::NA
  • Keynote at "Forum International do Software Livre" (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
  • Perl 6 talk to SV.pm