2001 Development Grant to Dr. Damian Conway

In 2001, the first Perl Development Grant was awarded to Dr. Damian Conway, a well-known academic, speaker, writer, and Perl module author.

The Perl Foundation coordinated the collection of corporate and private donations, which were sufficient to fund Dr. Conway for twelve months. That funding covered salary at US$55,000, and provided an additional US$20,000 budget for travel.

During 2001 Dr. Conway contributed to the community through Open Source code development, writing, lectures, and presentations. His travel budget allowed Dr. Conway to share his extensive knowledge of programming with audiences around the world, facilitating broad discussion of his work, and enabling him to be actively involved in community and individual projects through face-to-face seminars and in-person meetings.

Over the course of the year, Dr. Conway's contributions to the Open Source community have been far greater the relatively small cost of his grant. Those contributions have included:

  • Developing 14 significant new Perl modules (Regexp::Common, Filter::Simple, NEXT, Text::Reform, Attribute::Handlers, Attribute::Handlers::Prospective, Perl6::Variables, Perl6::Classes, Attribute::Types, Inline::Files, Hook::LexWrap, Sort::Explicit, Class::Delegation, and Attribute::Multimethods);
  • Updating 7 widely-used Perl modules he had previously written (Switch, Text::Balanced, Text::Reform, Lingua::EN::Inflect, Getopt::Declare, and Class::Multimethods);
  • Collaborating closely with Larry Wall on the design of Perl 6;
  • Writing explanatory documents describing the features of Perl 6 (the Exegesis series and an article in The Perl Journal);
  • Travelling to 20 cities in USA, England, Germany, Canada, Australia, and India to deliver over 400 hours of public talks to Perl and Linux user groups, as well as keynotes, seminars, and tutorials at major Open Source conferences.